Heroes and adventures
Come by the nearest tavern, have a chat with its residents, and look for the heroes in need of a job. Your goal is to put together a team and embark on a treasure hunt. Who knows, you might even be the one to discover mysterious Masons or unravel the secret of the ‘all-seeing-eye’.

Hunt for treasures
Treasures are not just lying around, you’ll have to fight for them. Raid enemy players’ vaults and watch out for the deadly traps that could be the last thing your valuable hero sees. Pro-tip: ramp up on your hero skills, so they can spot the traps and neutralize them.

Protect your wealth
Your own treasures must be well-protected. Keep your wealth locked from enemies by researching and building traps against sneaky thieves. Rumor has it, if you befriend a craftsman, you might get a hold of stronger traps.

To be continued…

The story takes place in an ambient post-apocalyptic setting. After the deadly catastrophe wiped out humanity, the flora has taken its turn and thrived on the ruins of the fallen civilization. Years later, a new class of anthropomorphic animals emerged. Driven by survival instincts, the mutants started forming small, close-knit communities not only to survive but to accumulate and protect their wealth from hostile tribes. And you’ll have to take on the role of a leader.

Begin by picking your heroes, then send them on adventures. Those friendly heroes, represented by NFTs, are the main in-game value and your primary focus. Make sure to keep your champions alive, since they aren’t immortal.

According to the gameplay, you’ll be facing three main objectives: leveling up heroes, looking for treasure, and protecting your wealth.
Developed by former Saber and Nival studio professionals, Tribe Terra is a Play-to-Earn game based on the NEAR blockchain. Inspired by the classic ‘the more you play, the more you earn’ model, it is designed to keep a player hooked. This hero-based MMORPG can be also described as a unique blend of adventure and multiplayer PVP that features collectible NFT characters.
13 December
Launching Tribe Terra: Post-Apocalyptic Blockchain Adventure With NFT Heroes
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