NEAR is extremely fast. The network is capable of processing around 100,000 transactions per second, and thanks to the one-second block creation, it finalizes transactions instantly. NEAR uses a sharding approach, allowing the network to increase its capacity as additional nodes participate.

On top of that, according to the blockchain's team, transaction fees on Near can be 10,000 less expensive than Ethereum's. In crypto gaming, inexpensive transaction fees result in smoother gameplay.

A perfect gaming blockchain doesn't exist. Or does it? Before launching Tribe Terra, the necessity of finding the right blockchain environment was one of our top priorities. The idea of using Ethereum with its insanely expensive and often delayed transactions did not seem as attractive at all.

To provide an outstanding user experience, we focused on delivering speed and ease of use. At the same time, we looked for a network that offers a multipurpose set of tools for developers for a smooth and quicker launch.

Once we came across NEAR, it became apparent that this blockchain is an ideal match.

Here's why.

27 January
Why Did We Choose NEAR?
Transactions on NEAR
Apart from cost-efficiency, NEAR is a good fit for end-users without blockchain knowledge. The network features a very straightforward account system and access keys. A regular user can start using a dApp built on NEAR by using a pretty standard registration procedure. Moreover, end-users won't even know they're interacting with blockchain tech.

A simple interface, not overcomplicated with blockchain intricacies, helps engage a broader audience. As for the users already familiar with dApps, they will find NEAR experience a lot less problematic.

Another thing worth noticing is NEAR's account management, which is unique. Personal accounts can have several access keys. Also, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum with their public key hash, NEAR use simple, easy-to-read wallet addresses such as name.near.

Overall, simple onboarding, easy subscriptions, custom permissions for apps, and predictable pricing make NEAR contribute to the outstanding end-user experience.
To involve new developers willing to join the network, NEAR provides modular components for the faster release of new projects. From various smart contracts to full-fledged dApps, popular use cases include DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs. You can check out NEAR's code and a full list of active implementations on their GitHub.

Other perks for developers include familiar languages, robust tooling, and various monetizing options, rewarding the participants with rebates based on the usage of those components. According to the blockchain's economic model, developers can pay for usage on behalf of their users to hide infrastructure costs, enabling regular web usage.
Blockchain specifics can make or break your ambition of launching a crypto game. While popular blockchains struggle with scaling and expensive transaction fees, aspiring new projects build networks oriented on the interests of both developers and end-users. We believe that NEAR is one of those gems capable of supporting scalable, high-potential games that the modern crypto market lacks

The Bottom Line
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